Alex Davies

What is Alex Davies?


Alex Davies is one of the vocalists/guitarists of the band Elliot Minor (formerly ' The Academy').

Alex used to be in a band called 'Give or Take', which had The Academy/Elliot Minor songs, such as 'The White One Is Evil'.

Alex was studying to be a concert violinist, but upon meeting Ed Minton (vocalist/guitarist) his eyes were opened to the world of rock. They started writing music and recording together, and performed acoustic covers at the school. In 2005, after leaving Uppingham, both decided to be serious about their music and took a gap year from their studies during which they focused on writing and recording their own songs.

Alex has a simple recording studio at his home for the band.

Also, he's totally awesome and seems a really nice guy.

Does not look like a serial killer, no matter what Hannah says.

Elliot Minor consists of;


Ed Minton,

Dan Hetherton,

Ed (Teddy) Hetherton


Ali Paul

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