Alex Evans

What is Alex Evans?


ohmagawsh alex evans (also known as alex heartbreaker) is a toatally hot guy.

Sometimes used to replace the word 'hot' or 'cool' or 'emo.'

Also owns famous clothing line and got fame and possibly fortune with his beautful blue eyes and awesome puffle hair :D

'OMG that hair is soo alex evans."

"Your eyes are alex evans"

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alex evans is a myspace "celebrity", the claim to his status is truthfully by being a myspace whore. lets face it, he is not "cute" or "handsome" just some photoshpped skills that play up to his features and just good photography (luckily).

Lets be honest the kid has no real talent, his followers may dissagree but alot of people will agree, lets face it he has done nothing special.

He has a clothing line called "Impolite" and as a person who does fashion, the style of his clothing looks cheap and trashy. The're just t-shirts that looks like it has been drawn on, its nothing special or not that creative.

But i'll admit this, he is a good photographer, But i have seen better because the style of his photography looks similar wo other myspace whores so its nothing really speacial because i and alot of people have seen better.

He also entered the VMAN modeling contest, and as a person who worked in a modelling agency, alex evans cannot be a model, due to the fact that he is only 5'11 (as so i have seen on the vman stats) and male models are 6'0 to 6'2, and yes height in this industry is a big deal.

Male models have high cheekbones, this is what most agencies like in a male model. After watching menswear shows in fashion capitals, you'll see that every male model that has hit the runway has high cheekbones and truthfully alex evans has not got them. But i must admit he has lovley cheeks.

Last but not least, alex evans look is considered to be "too commercial" or "too common". These terms in the industry basically means that there is reasons why models looks so unique and unreal like which makes them look very different to the average human. All models have a unique feature about them, and dont get me started on alex evans eyes. They are so blatently photoshpped or its kind of obvious that he wear contacts etc.

All though he does not fit the high fashion modelling requirements, he is a photogenic person and in his photos you can see a element of beauty.

alex evans just better thank who ever created photoshop because i have seen an unedited photo of him on a website and believe me it is not pleasant.

In summary; alex evans is nothing special, just a myspace whore and now that he knows he is "famous" from what i read in his old myspace, we'll know he'll play up to his status and start being an anoying attention/fame whore and he'll have followers who just admire him because they'll go for anybody on a social network who has "fame" status over the net.

I know the truth hurts.

person 1: omg, alex evans is so cute!

person 2: oh get over him, he's nothing special.

person 1: well excuse you, alex evans is a beautiful boy, how often do you see that?

person 2: I'll be honest with you, i've seen better than him and his pictures has been obviously edited, plus you havent seen him in real life.

person 1: oh whatever.

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