Alex Gaskarth

What is Alex Gaskarth?


1.) Lead singer of pop punk/rock band All Time Low.

2.) Obession to millions of girls world wide.

You pick.

Girl #1: Pick. Alex Gaskarth or Patrick Stump

Girl #2: Alex Gaskarth, he's such a hottie.

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The amazingly gorgeous frontman for All Time Low. Most people think he's a manwhore.

Girl #1:Alex Gaskarth is so hot!

Girl #2: I heard that he's a manwhore.

Girl #1: Who cares?!?

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The amazing lead singer of the bad All Time. He's extremely talented and is one of the hottest guys ever!

"Have you heard of Alex Gaskarth?"

"That hot singer from ATL?"

"Back off, he's mine!"

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