Alex Kapranos

What is Alex Kapranos?


The leader of the New Scottish Gentry(aka Franz Ferdinand). He is suave and sophisticated with a hint of nerd. This art school hipster will have you dancing all night, and your mother will certainly approve of him.

Alex Kapranos wears pimp shoes and yellow belts.

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The very cool and even sexier lead singer of one of Scotland's finest band, Franz Ferdinand, with the coolest voice ever. His mom must be proud.

1.- Alex Kapranos has a very good taste in shirts and shoes

2.- That Kapranos guy sure knows about hairdos!

3.- What a nice booty Alex Kapranos have!

4.- Alex Kapranos surely can do whatever he wants with me ... If he finds me in the matinee.


A very talented young guitarist/singer/fashion maestro/man from Scotland. Has crooked teeth that make him look even sexier. Is of Greek descent and has large collection of Striped Shirts. Kate Moss is after him but she's not going to succees; sadly he is with company already. He could be my company day ho ho ho chortle. No seriously, he's gorgeous and talented and sexy etc. till eternity.

Tall, floppy haired, nice cheek-boned man from Glaaaaaaaasgooooh who is shy but very cool. Plays music for girls to dance to.

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Hot, sexy, lead singer and rhythm guitarist of a wonderful band, Franz Ferdinand. Has a wonderful voice and makes fangirls squee insanely when they see him in all his sexiness.

Also thought to be gay/bisexual, or at least metrosexual.

Alex Kapranos is THE SEX with his skinny yellow belt, skinny pink tie, striped shirt, tight pants and absolutely wonderful fringe. I want him. Now.


Lead singer and rhythm guitar from Scottish base band Franz Ferdinand. Born to a Greek father and English mother, moved to Scottland to study at Glasgow's University. Was in many other bands prior to FF, like The Yummy Fur as bass player.

Currently has a girlfriend and has bad asthma. He is allergic to animals like fur and feathers, but not humans.

"I'm so free I could lacerate" - Love And Destroy

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The very sexy lead singer of the band Franz Ferdinand from Scotland.

i totally love Alex Kapranos he is a beast

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beautiful guy who has a fine collection of retro shirts that most of the time wears undone.

lead singer of the band Franz Ferdinand.

you will know when to see him if you catch a handsome man with a stripey shirt trousers and a guitar strumming away in his hands whilist singing in a microphone

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