Alex Rodriguez

What is Alex Rodriguez?


The most overpaid karate blackbelt in professional baseball today.

Game 6 of the ALCS - hack hack hack...


1) Baseball's biggest prostitute.

2) Steinbrenner's most valued ho.

Alex Rodriguez is a ho.

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1. (v) To slap

2. (n) a purple cocksmoker; proven true by the color of his lips

3. (n) an overpaid baseball player brought to New York to win a World Series; look how that turned out

1. What a pansy Alex Rodriguez is, did you just see him SLAP another man...

2. Dude, what's up with A-Rod's lips.... Jeters dick must be purple

3. Get over yourself, you suck

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A baseball player who's currently playing for the New York Yankees. He has played for the Seattle Mariners and also the Texas Rangers before he was traded to the Yankees. He's one of the most paid players in the MLB, and while no person should have that kind of money for being an athlete, he's a pretty damn good player. Nevertheless, he's cocky as hell, and he kept flip-flopping on his choice for which team he was going to play for in the World Baseball Classic. The Dominican Republic, or the US?

His parents were born in the Dominican Republic, but he was raised in the United States. And no, he is not Puerto Rican like the one bimbo said.

Also MVP.

Alex Rodriguez is one cocky son of a bitch, I just wish he stayed with the Mariners.

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Overpaid homo who only took the position at third so he could see the arse of his loveable buttbuddy Jeter.

Sure, i took a pay cut and change position but there is just something about laying......I mean err playing next to derek.

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By far the best baseball player in the world right now. Puts up amazing numbers and, yes, is overpaid, along with the majority of baseball players. Fields decently at third base because that awesome guy Derek Jeter isn't willing to move even though he's not the best fielder either, while A-rod was stellar at short before moving to the Yankees. Is renowned for "choking" in playoff situations, although those happen to be small sample sizes in which anything can happen, and before 2005 actually played really well in the playoffs. Is hated by many Yankees fans because they believe that over the past years he hasn't lifted the team as much as he should because he's the best player in baseball, although they could point to bad pitching and having players out of their prime under huge contracts (e.g. Jason Giambi). They fail to realize that without his play the Yankees actually would've been worse those years.

Jeter up to bat, with the Yankees tied. Hits a bloop for a single.

Yankee Fan: Nice, man, Jeter leads the team so well.

Alex Rodriguez up to bat, flies out to left.

Yankee Fan: Wow...he should take a couple of pointers from Jeter. Why are we paying this guy so much money if he doesn't will us to win?

Later in the game, Yankees up by 3. A-rod hits a home run.

Yankee Fan: Wow. Thanks for a meaningless home run, A-rod. Way to pad your stats and come up strong when we don't need it.

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A baseball player for the New York Yankees who is known for his breakdown in pressure situations. He is an inconsistent fielder at times making five error per game. Often hated by the Yankees fans not being able to perform up to his salaries. He is known for his dirty plays such as when he tried to slap the ball out of a Red Sox player during the 2004 ALCS.

Yankees Fan: Alex Rodriguez sucks .

Yankees Fan2: A-Rod is overpaid.

Yankees Fan3: He is a terrible fielder.

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