Alex Roidriguez

What is Alex Roidriguez?


The nickname given to accused steroids user/Major League Baseball star Alex Rodriguez. Rodriguez has enjoyed a long stretch of seasons where he has been considered one of the best, if not the best, players in the game for his combination of power, hitting for average, run production, speed.

"A-Rod", as he is sometimes called, had a monstrous season in 2003 as a Texas Ranger before he was traded to the New York Yankees where he was envisioned to lead the team to another awe-inspiring dynasty. However, he has struggled in the playoffs and is often scrutinized for not hitting in clutch situations.

In February 2009, just mere days before the start of spring training, a report leaked out disclosing information that Rodriguez tested positive for anabolic steroids in 2003, also a year in which he won the Most Valuable Player Award.

At the date of this writing he has yet to confirm or deny this accusation.

Because of this report, many baseball purists have become disillusioned with the integrity of the sport, many of whom were hoping that Rodriguez would save the All-Time home run record from a steroid user, not join him.

1. Being a baseball fan above anything else, it is truly disappointing to see the state of the game of baseball at the moment, the poster boy of such a time in the sport's history will probably be Alex Roidriguez.

2. Being a Yankee fan who used to always support him despite his tendency to let little things get to him, I no longer wish I ever rooted for Alex Roidriguez, no matter how gaudy his stats were, and I no longer wish he was a member of the New York Yankees, no matter how helpful they will be in future seasons to come.

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