What is Alexa?


The most funniest and most amazing loving and caring person you can ever meet and be friends with ever in your life. Maybe even more than friends if you truly care for her.

Alexa is the bestest person ive ever met in my life.

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one word


dude#: wow that girl is SUCH an alexa!


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short for alexandra means defender of mankind.

alexa means unintentionally beautiful. she'll never try to look good its just natural.

alexa looks beautiful today. (alexa is in sweatpants and has no make up on)

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A spontaneous, awesome, if slightly moronic, person who is extremely hyper. Never a dull moment around this person; the life of the party. Extremely ADD. Often comes with backacne. Very lovable, you can't hate her. Deffinitely very random. Fun person to be around. :3

-Did you see Alexa at the party today?

-Yeah, she was dancing on the tables!! She's sooo fucking crazy!

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A real Alexa is generally not a short form for a name such as Alexandra.

Usually it is a foreign name pertaining to the middle east or Europe.

These types are found to be isolated by society without them knowing and are very clingy to boys, friends and subjects.

They enjoy sadism and will refer to everyone as their best friends, while stabbing them in the back.

Pertended to be liked by many and hated by all.

This word can be used in the following ways:

Oh no its Alexa

Were you just alexaed?

The slime smells that of an Alexa.

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a girl who looks like a five year old but in actuallity is sixteen who live in Missouri and rotates custody between sisters in Wisconsin and Minnesota.

That girl is definately an alexa

She is an alexa fo show

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yum yum yum! gives the best b jays

alexa bjayed her finger

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