Alexa Nikolas

What is Alexa Nikolas?


A girl casted as Nicole on the Nickeldeon television show Zoey 101. She left the show for an unknown reason in 2007. Its predicted she got more fan-mail than any other girl on the show because she is the prettiest and most fun character. Fans of Alexa Nikolas usually are not attracted to or are fans of Jamie Lynn Spears because of their completely different characters and style of dress. Now watchers of the show are forced to look at Lola ( Victoria Justice) who's character and style of dress has changed slightly since the character Nicole has left the show due to fill her gap. Victoria Justice is pretty but not 100% all the time when she is wearing a terrible outfit or is in the wrong light. Alexa Nikolas is beautiful all the time. Even in a t-shirt and sweats. She is one of the most prettiest and talented girls on tv and would be hard to replace. Bottom Line.

Alexa Nikolas is no longer on Zoey 101! What am I supposed to do, look at Quinn! WTF! Savage Steve Holland and Nickelodeon better get their shit together and get her back or start a Nicole 102 show.


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