Alexander Downer

What is Alexander Downer?


(or Downer) Aust, Lit: Australian Foreign Affairs Minister. Also;


1) Any servile lackey. (see john howard)

2) Any sad and lonely person happily pwnedby idiots for the sake of any company at all.

3) A useless object (see white elephant), any object serving no legitimate or practical purpose.

4) A happy and inane waffler (see logorrhea, Arnold Rimmer), any person talking to excess about nothing of significance while sporting a dumb smile.


5) (fashion) Ugly and ill-fitting clothing making men look like women or else making women look too much like men. Also, unattractive. (see fugly)


6)To enjoy being stupid.

1) Mitch is my bitch, Mitch is my (Alexander) Downer. I keep him on a tight leash.

2) Greg could be an Alexander Downer at times. He didn't mind following the biggest losers around if it meant he could save himself from a moment spent alone.

3) That shitty car turned out to be a complete Alexander Downer. It cost a small fortune and never worked.

4) Peter did a total (Alexander) Downer on us. Talking for about thirty minutes on the importance of snails in history.


5) "Darlin, I hate to tell you but that's a total (Alexander) Downer jacket. It makes your boobs look small and it makes your shoulders look too masculine."


6)(Downing, Downering, Alexander Downering) "Gazza was drunk and tripping, happily Downering the night away, talking to his own feet."

See fool, idiot, loser, ugly, stupid, ignorant, tragic, foolish, turkey


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