Alexander Pichushkin

What is Alexander Pichushkin?


1. The biggest fucking badass ever. Born in mother Russia (right outside of Moscow, the greatest city in the world). The most incredible person on earth today was convicted of 42 murders, found guilty of 63 (Plead guilty for anyway, this motherfucker probably killed more then Hitler though). His goal was to kill a person for each square on a chess board(64 squares). Said his first kill was like first love. Would get victims drunk then hit over the head with a hammer. BAM motherfucker! Comes right after jesus on my group of role models. Killed people in Bittsevsky Park and left the bodies around for people to find.

2. A term describing an ultimate badass (Kindve like Chuck Norris). For example, "You were a total Alexander Pichushkin when you killed that innocent family!"

or describing Alexander Pichushkin in factuality would include the following:

"Alexander Pichushkin's remorse for his victims cures cancer to bad he doesn't have any!"

"I'd rather get a shit in my happy mealwhile swallowing a schlaktuswhile getting raped by a gi ho then meet Alexander Pichushkin."

"If you have the choice between having your cock bit off by Michael Jackson while in a hurricane underneath a falling truck and saying hello to Alexander Pichushkin, always go with the first one."

"When the devil dies, he doesn't go to hell he goes to Bittsevsky park."

Also know as an AILF(Alexander id like to fuck).

Alexander Pichushkin is one badass motherfucker.

See schlaktus, gi ho, shit in my happy meal, killer, fucking a, badass, motherfucker


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