What is Alexisonfire?


A great canadian screamo band, with one screamer and one singer, a great harmony.

'Did you go to the alexisonfire concert last night?'


A Canadian screamo (emocore) band from St. Catherines, Ont.

They have screamer George Petit, guitar/vocals Wade MacNiel (aka Wade Preston), guitar/vocals Dallas Green, bassist Chris Steele, and drummer Jordan "Ratbeard" Hastings. They have released 3 full albums and a split ep with band .Moneen. George, Wade, and Jordan are in a side project called "The Black Lungs". Dallas is pursuing s solo side project called "City And Colour" You can buy his first album "Sometimes" in stores.

Man, I just love Alexisonfire's style, they are a great band! GO CANADA!

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Canadian Rock band consisting of Dallas Green, George Pettit, Wade Macneil, Chris Steele and Jordan Ratbeard Hastings. Album include: Alexisonfire, Watch Out and Crisis. Named after lactating contortionist stripper Alexis Fire. Pronounced Alexis-on-fire not Alex-is-on-fire.

"I listen to Alexisonfire"

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Kick ass Canadian band

dude- ya like Alexisonfire?

dude 2- no not really

dude- you need to die!!!

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Canadian band; not screamo; does indulge in occasional screaming. Excelling songs include 'Rough Hands'; '44. Caliber Love Letter' and 'That Girl Posessed'. Name is pronounced Alexis on fire. Named after the worlds only lactating contortionist stripper.

"Wow; I found a new underground band last night; call themselves Alexisonfire!"

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An awesome band. Many people don't know about them and thats what makes them even better. There not some mainstream shit

Hey man! Did you go see that sick Alexisonfire concert last night?

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A Canadian band, which is NOT screamo. Their name is usually being argued about. Either being alexis on fire or alex is on fire. But the true pronouncination is al's ex is on fire (the s is being borrowed from all the words that have s in their songs).

Alexisonfire is an ok band.

Unlike what a certain Dan Pruns might say, it's al's ex is on fire.

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