What is Alfie?


a man who has a very large sexual agenda. somewhat of a manwhore- that everybody seems to know in one way or another.

ugh, he's going home with her now? that's the second girl tonight. what an alfie.

See manwhore


1. Someone who is invincible in a very cool way, and is also quite sexy, has a supernatural air about him.

Person 1: You hear he got run over by a train today?

Person 2: Yea bro i saw it, the train was mash up.

Person 1: I heard he don't even have a bruise.

Person 2: He must be an Alfie or some shit.

Eddie: Why did you ride your bicycle into a parked car?

Alfie: Its raining so I had my eyes closed...

Eddie: You're bike is screwed, how are you not dead?!

Alfie: ..I must be invincible or something.

Eddie: Oh Alfie

'No Alfie, no! You won't make it, nobody can! Its impossible!'

He looks back and smiles, 'You forget darling, Im invincible'

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So called due to the penchant for West Ham FC he shares with the team's only other fan, Alfie Moon of Coronation Street (and even he's fictional!). Worse than his choice of football team is his dress sense, and will often be spotted with a dubious rugby shirt vacuum packed into his jeans. Makes a few pound on the side as Colin Montgomerie's stunt double.

Alfie: Most likely to be heard saying, "Begorrah, begorrah, t'be sure, t'be sure" <rolls eyes>

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scum of the earth, cannot get a job and has to resort to potwashing at a lowly hotel, demoralising!!

also is nesh, as shadows scare the shit out of him, literally

as a result often walks around with large brown stains in his undercrackers.

people of this variety are often inbred and find old peoples homes somewhat arousing.

OMG i cant belive that ben, what an alfie... neshing it at sutton hall!!!

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