What is Alfster?


1) A mythical urban superhero who haunts inner ring suburbs righting wrongs by infiltrating and undermining groups of menaces to society and rendering them mindless with his tricks.

2) A mindgamer who plays to the outer extremes.

3) Someone who feigns mental weakness or naivety to gain an opponents confidence.

1)"We thought the Alfster was just one of us until he disappeared leaving us with a headache and empty wallets. On top of all of that he ended up with all of our women by the end of the night."

2) Only an Alfster could have fooled me that bad. I feel like a real asshole now. Hopefully my head will be unscrambled after I collect my thoughts."

3) The Alfster proceeded to take all their money and donate it to a childrens orphanage after winning the poker game which he proceeded to win after pretending to be deaf.

See snide, zole, poodle, snidisized


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