What is Alg?


ALG is both a group of people that epitomize Internet culture and the location at which they gather.

ALG started at a gaming organization known as ANTAGONIST, Inc. Originally meeting at the "ANT Live Games" chat room in the late 90s, the group gathered nightly to compete in chat room games of their own creation. However, ANTAGONIST, Inc. died, and the group sought refuge in their own private chats. Since the death of ANT, they have only become stronger. This group of advanced computer-users has not only assimilated all Internet culture and world cultures, but also create their own trends that diffuse throughout the Internet like an infectious plague.

The group also has a second identity of CSC, which stands for Crdwyn Sucks Cock. Crdwyn is a witch that caused ANT Live Games to turn to complete crap months before ANT died. In protest, the group met at a new location of "CSC" to display their dissatisfaciton with her. The name ALG was almost nonexistent for a period of time, but presently the group has returned to its original title (ALG).

It is difficult for outsiders to comprehend and be accepted into the fast-paced society that ALG is. ALG has an exclusive dialect that derives from an amalgamation of Internet lingo and countless sources of world culture. ALGers are quick to be offensive and think nothing should be censored, including racial and sexual slurs.

see also: CSC

see also: YOLT

I chatted in ALG all day.

Yeah, I'm an ALGer.

ALG PWNZ ALL!!!!!111111111111



Stands fot Adult Little Girl. An ALG may enjoy dressing, acting, speaking, etc. like a young girl. Some ALG's participate in ageplay.

"Daddy Nick" wanted his ALG to spread her little legs, but when she would not even lift her ruffled pink skirt, he decided it was time for a spanking.

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