Algerian Blend

What is Algerian Blend?


An herbal blend consisting of Damiana, Skullcap, Wormwood, Wild Lettuce, Passion Flower and Valerian. When smoked it will produce an immediate, mellowing, effect. Smoking lots of it will get you a little high. Its what the kids will smoke when they're completely dry.

I smoked some Algerian Blend and had head rush city.

See damiana, skullcap, wormwood


Algerian Blend is an incense to smoke from herbalhighs. One package contains 6g and it looks and tastes like shit.

It isn't even worth to buy it for about $ 8, it doesn't knocks you off but it gives you teh smooth chilling mood. However, the whole bag looks like fucking teaand if you burn some stem pieces, you will taste burned wood. :/

Don't smoke it in joints, smoke 5 large bowls in a row. You will only feel llike you puffed 2 times on a weed joint. Not good.

...and i idiot bought 2 packs from that smartshop!

Smoker 1: Man, i bought that Algerian Blend yesterday and it tasted so crappy i just burned it in an incense burner.

Smoker 2: That's right bro, burn this shit.

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