What is Algonac?


A small town located in Michigan that consists of a bunch of sluts, whores, drugs, alcohol, fights, pussys, etc.

One of the shittiest small towns youll live in, nothing here but Mcdonalds, KFC/Tacobell, A Free Skatepark, A Few Dollar Stores And A Boardwalk...

This is an O.K town to raise babies but not teenagers...its too boring...Known fact that 45% of Algonac Mothers are under the age of 18.

Nothing much to do here but DRINK...and do other drugs....avoid this town if you can...heroine is a big Plus.

Your name will easily get spread whather it is a good thing or bad thing.

You will be known within 3 weeks.

Algonac is trouble....

Black people are HIGHLY DISCRIMINATED AGAINST...A black family once moved in and were chased away by a burning cross in their front lawn. True is a redneck, hick, small vacational town.

Surrounding Cities: Marine City, Clay Township, Anchor Bay, Fair Haven, New Baltimore, Etc....

Algonac Michigan.....

See algonac, algonquin, fair haven, detroit


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