Ali Saleh

What is Ali Saleh?


an incrediblyy large WART.

that spuds up when males hit the age of adolescence. usually around the age of 13.

this wart never goes away. and is located in places that are better left unsaid. when squeezed, it gushes out pus and then multiplies. doctors are still searching for a cure.

note:makes cats rabid.

ew, man. i just got an ali saleh.

ahh i have an ali saleh get it off!

young adolescent boy: mom..

mom: yes honey

boy: i have a problem..its about

mom: *nods knowingly* i think you`re getting your ali salehs...

we`ll go see the doctor tomorrow.

See wart, maturity, developing, gross, boy, icky, ew, puss, pimples, acne, horrific, nightmare


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