What is Alice?


A lady's miniature PHALLUS; a clitoris of the type which readily SPRINGS into action.

Commentary on Australian nature film:

As Sheila's exploring fingers go "walkabout" in the bush, they quickly locate her alice, which uncoils and vibrates like a spring.

On next week's programme, we bring you live footage of the much rarer Bearded Koala.

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a young, beautiful, sophisticated woman who is confident in all that she does.

This girl is truly and Alice


A girl of supreme beauty and perfection; more sublime than any flower, purer than any gem, and without a touch of impurity. (as said from the anime "Rozen Maiden")

Girl 1 - who do you think will be Alice?

Girl 2 - Definitely Shinku! She's the strongest!

Girl 1 - No, Suigintou is!

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a girls who is completley lost and has no idea what shes doing. but in the end it turns out okay... well almost

alice in wonderland wondering arround in a little world of her own

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Any female who happens to either personality or looks-wise, resemble a mudkip

"Did you see that new girl in school?"

"Her personality's a Dawn, but her body's an Alice"


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A glass of milk that has been sitting out in the sun for 12 days and has been spit in by homeless dogs.

Eew i accidently drank some alice.

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A very cool person! Generally rocks and has very gorgeous hair and a gud style. Many friends, a HOTTIE!

OMG, i luv her she so an alice!

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