Alice's Restaurant

What is Alice's Restaurant?


A restaurant where you could get anything you want. Also, a song to be sung when getting drafted. The recruiters will think the draftee is crazy and reject them.

Come right in, it's around the back, just a half a mile from the railroad track. You could get anything you want, at Alice's Restaurant!


Alice's Restaurant is a song by folk artist Arlo Guthrie which is second only to turkeyand football when it comes to "Thanksgivin'".

The song serves not only as a satircal look on the judiciary branch of the US government but it also demotes the armed services for a good portion of the song. As the song was based on real events Guthrie really did get out of the draft by faking mental insanity at his evaluation.

Every single year it's eat a drumstick of the turkey, play football 'til you can't move your arms and listen to Alice's Restaurant after fiddling with the radio all day until you find a station playing it.

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