Alicia Simmons

What is Alicia Simmons?


the girl that played bass for from first to last, also engaged to mikey way

Alicia Simmons played on first half of dead by dawn tour

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Now known as Alicia Way. Wife to My Chemical Romancebassist Mikey Wayas of March 7th, 2007. Former/temporary bassist for band From First to Last.

Receives a good amount of hate from people that have never met her simply because of her fortunate good looks, and the fact that she is with Mikey Way. Has actual hate communities dedicated to her. Has two cats with Mikey Way, named Bunny and Pumpkin.

Friends with Eliza Cuts.

"ZOMG i hate Alicia Simmons she's such a witch cuz she's got mikey Way!"

"No you don't, you're just jealous. GET OVER IT."

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Currently engaged to Mikey Way. Temporary bassist for the band From first to last.

Very goth. Has a hate club and a Myspace.

Resides in new york with fiance and pet cat, bunny

Person 1: ohemgee, Alicia Simmons is engaged to Mikey Way!

person 2: I think I am going to join her hate club, because I want to marry Mikey Way.

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A girl who got known pretty much for the fact that she's engaged to Mikey Wayof My Chemical Romance.

She was the temporary bassist for From First To Last.

She complains about things that she starts, tortures her cat, cannot get over the fact that people dislike her and pretty much doesn't work since she started dating Mikey Way, who she turned into a woman since.

I don't understand why Alicia Simmons has fans.

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