A-lid Ovens

What is A-lid Ovens?


a collossal beast of man dedicated to what is right at whatever cost. he is widely regarded as the next nelson mandella as he has taken part in moving and ingenious campaigns featurng the popular slogan ' A-Lid Ovens says...'

he has cured the world of AIDS and is now working on a cure for cancer, he beleives he should be finished by next tuesday. he has campaigned against unprotected sex, vandalism and staying in school.

his only downfall is his good looks, this has given him a huge sense of confidence which can lead him into sticky situations, most recent examples are his racist remarks such as Niggers are peices of shit and whites are supreme.

it is commonly regarded that these changes in behaviour are due to the stress of finding a cure for cancer, he is 2 hours in progress and is very dedicated.

he is known for his dashing looks including extremely long giraffe like neck, glasses, illegal scarf and earphones.

he is known for being in a relationship with Abbie Norman, she supplies the artwork for his successful campaigns and is an intergrated part of his work, it is a common conspiracy that she is infact behind the racist remarks.

as far as the story goes they met over an intimate moment involving ear phones and a misunderstanding, this soon blossomed into a fruitful relationship and business venture.

the A-lid Ovensism is a key religion and is said to be the most popular in the world, recently overtaking islam, the religion relies solely on giving all your things to him and in reward he will grant you eternal life. the enterance fee is a pair of earphones.

to conclude, A-Lid Ovens is a brilliant role model to the youth and is said to be the next jesus.

Heil A-Lid Ovens!

A-lid Ovens says "respect your work surface and it will respect you."

See aled, god, jesus, racist


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