Alien Ant Farm

What is Alien Ant Farm?


A band that used a Michael Jackson song to get popular. But honestly, the songs they write THEMSELVES sound so much better.

Good songs: Glow, These Days

See Also: pull an alien ant farm


SoCal alternative metal band responsible for the Michael Jackson cover "Smooth Criminal". Members are Dryden Mitchell (Vocals), Terry Corso (Guitar), Tye Zamora (Bass), and Mike Cosgrove (Drums).

If you want a good band, try listening to Alien Ant Farm.

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A band that, unfortunately, is only best known for their Michael Jacksoncover of "Smooth Criminal". It sucks because outside of this song, they're actually a really good band.

Teeny bopper: "OMG!!! Alien Ant Farm is awesome! 'Smooth Criminal', like, rocks!!!!"

Alien Ant Farm fan: "Aw, shut up. Go listen to their whole albums instead of the same video MTV plays."

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The band that makes Michael Jackson's music sound tolerable.

The FDA says to get your recommended 3 servings a day of Alien Ant Farm to stay healthy.


Someone who has a horrendous case of genital warts.

His alien ant farm gives even the bravest of souls the shivers.


A pretty good band. Vocals are awesome, guitars are nice and loud, bass guitar owns some of the songs. The Michael Jackson cover "Smooth Criminal" is one of their good songs, but is the only one to really be publicized. Their heavier stuff is damn good. They have only two albums out: ANThology and truANT

Good heavy songs: Courage, Wish, S.S. Recognize


a cool band

alien ant farm is cool, that's it

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