Alien Toe

What is Alien Toe?


the term used to describe the male genetalia of an alien.

yo motha fucker, i got alien toed last night.

See green monster, green teabag


1.the term used to describe the male genetalia of an alien 2.the term used to describe the definition of when an alien female has her space suit jammed up her crotch 3.the alien version of camel toe 4.the term used to describe male human toes

1.i was abducted by aliens and they all probed me with thier alien toes 2.i watched alien porn the other night and im facinated with alien toe fetish 3.Madison,CT is known as alien toe capital of the world


the male genitalia...

1. She liked to suck on his alien toe while he drove his big green truck. 2. He wacked his alien toe onto her toe cheese. 3. I made noises while working out like I was being mounted by his alien toe.


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