What is Alimoniumfood?


An online INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY HITLER who is a WORTHLESS, SELFISH, HEARTLESS BASTARD who has no respect for other people nor any respect for themselves!!!

This HEARTLESS ASSHOLE believes with extreme cruel religious, HITLER, like FASCISM that people who download music, movies, and/or software for non-commercial, non-profit purposes should have their homes severely raided and invaded by high end government agents with their weapons drawn and violently hauled off to a harsh disgusting dark prison cell with biting rats!!!

This person who represents severe religious INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY HITLER style FASCISM will attempt to give people all mighty HELL in online chats or forums as this HEARTLESS FASCIST TERD did on a site called cdfreaks in March 2003.

This person tried to intimidate other users with manipulative, chilling, and religiously smartly thought out religiously FASCIST comments that they would track them down and threaten to get them put in jail and treated like nothing but a pure slave, just if they even believed that downloading music, movies, and software is ok.

If you ever encounter this name register for an online forum or chat service, be ready for someone who disrespects everyone else and thus ban their ass right away as most likely someone registering with this name is the same person because this name is barely even ehard of by many, so I doubt anyone else would use it.

Alimoniumfood would probably like, and sure as HELL deserves to live life in a pure police state like in George Orwell's 1984

This name in of itself would be an example of an online chat terrorist who will give people all nothing but SOCIAL HELL with the the threat that it will become a reality!!

Alimoniumfood in of itself is and sure would make a perfect name for a privacy invading RIAA/MPAA "BIG BROTHER" powered computer virus/trojan/spyware that tracks and controls everything you do on your PC and the DRM cops with their AK-47s drawn will come right and get you if you don't do as this HITLER style FASCIST trojan in Alimoniumfood says!!!!!

Basically all intellectual proeprty HITLER like attitudes are in many ways more dangerous than people like Sadaam Husein and Osama Bin Laden because at least almost everyone in this world can see the obvious evil these wanted terrorists have and nobody would stand for living in such a state. But when it comes to EXTREME sickening FASCIST arguments on BEHALF of greedy FAT ASS PIG MEDIA GIANTS, it's much easier to brainwash people into accepting their rights to be taken away all in the FAKE name of protecting people from getting hurt while corporate money buys out much of the U.S. government frighteningly enough as it is!!!


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