What is Alistair?



Scottish - Male

Defender of men.

Alistair has 8 variant forms: Alastair, Alastor, Aleister, Alisdair, Alistaire, Alister, Allister and Aly.

I R TANK, alistair is a common tanker name

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what you name your baby boy when he is the cutest thing on this planet! Also means Defender of Man!

Oh look, he's almost cute enough to call Alistair

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1. Name; Etymology behind this man's name is "Defender of Men".

2. Strong, courageous, English man's name.

1. "Wow, did you see Alistair on the beach? He took on the zombie invasion hordes alone with just a broadsword!"

2. "Wow, look at Alistair's hair today. I want to bone him."

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the pale retard who is always looking for a booty call

girl: 'keeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeepppppppp itt innnnnnnn yourrrrrrrrrrr paaaaaaaaantssssssssss PLEASE ALISTAIR'

alistair: 'but the PIG looks sooo masculine!!!'

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Noun: from the ancient greek for "one whom is milky and naked," an alistair traditionally spends most of his/her time fondling themselves and defecating in public beauty spots whilsts covering themselves in milk and drinking the menstral juices of the mother wolf.

"Your kid sam has turned into a real alistair, we're almost out of milk and there's skid marks and spunk stains all over the the town memorial."

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a-lis-tar- adjective, noun, verb.

1. A superiority in being irritating to another person

2. To describe an annoying laugh  

3. A person who joins in, uninvited, to other's conversations  

4. A person who is oversensitive when people get their nationality wrong

1.Stop that! You're so alistair!

2.Dude, that laugh was alistair.

3.John, a alistair. He keeps butting in!

4.He's a alistair. He cried when I said he was from Malaysia by accident.

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