What is Alix?


An awesome person. A little impossible to find free, but worth the wait.

I wish all my friends were like Alix

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A pretty rare and uncommon french name.

What's this person's name? Alix...

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A really, really hot girl with standards.

Man, that girl is such an Alix. It's too bad we could never get her.

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Noun. An alternative spelling of Alex, typically reserved for females (but sometimes for males). This spelling is most common in western Europe, particularly in France. Despite the 'i' inserted in place of the 'e' in Alix, usually Alexandra (the full form of Alix) remains with an 'e'.

This spelling has been seen several times through-out history. Examples include Queen Alexandra of England (a princess originally from Denmark married to King Edward VII) whom was commonly called Alix. Another example of an Alix in European history is Russia's former Tsarina Alexandra Romanov (originally a German princess/granddaughter of Queen Victoria, married to Nicholas II)who also used Alix instead of Alex in everyday life.

Today Alix is generally employed to describe one of the better individuals you will ever have the pleasure of meeting. Alix: a common and plain name made spunky and unique once more merely by changing a single vowel.

"Your name?"

"It is Alix... with an 'i'"


"You know Alix, with an 'i', like as in A-l-i-x"

"Oh... that's kind of weird, eh?"

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A gnarly chick who everybody likes and is awesomely cool

1. hey look theres Alix shes awesome!!

2. lets go talk to Alix that'll be fun

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Alix is all of the things previously defined (a wonderful, rad person), but is also usually a cupcake whore

Man, Alix with an i is so freaking amazing, but quite a cupcake whore.

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A very old french name that means "noble warrior".

Alix is basically a male name but some girls have this name for weird reasons.

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