What is Alizee?


Gods beauty poured into a woman and packaged by the French. The one and only reason to want to go to France and learn the language. Often known for her strangely and extremely erotic body movement.

Alizee's ass makes me believe in God.

Her face makes me believe that its Her.

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see also ; immaculate, perfection, beauty, sexy, goddess, angel

the ultimate woman, Alizee is every quality a woman can have crammed into one person. unrivaled beauty, talent and personality. Any man who is not in love with her or does not fall in love with her is obviously gay or blind.

every woman is a percentage of Alizee, the higher the %, the closer she is to perfection, only Alizee has 100%

She is the princess of angels, she is the human form of true love, her smile represents perfection, her body...perfect, too cute for words...

To be in love with Alizee is to be human....



What angels wish they were.

Alizée is more beauty than this world deserves.


Absolute perfection personified. Incomparable talent, grace, beauty and charm.

So wonderful that these very words are disgraceful, as mere words can never come close to doing her justice.

Alizée would have stolen my heart, had I not given it willingly.

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1. No. 1 singer in the world.

2. Personification of success.

3. Personification of everything good.

1. E.g. "Do you guys know the best singer in the world?" "Oh, you mean Alizée. Yeah, she is the BEST!!!!!"

2. E.g. "You are so successful, just like Alizée."

3. E.g. Kind, Beautiful, Lovely, Sweet, Caring and so on.....



1.) French ersatz Britney Spears. Native corsican who is popular among non-French speaking young males who are unable to understand her atrocious lyrics.

2.) Strangely seductive, strangely entrancing, and devilishly attractive French pop singer. Basis for popular animated file depicting her pelvic gyrations.

3.) A good reason to learn French

4.) A good reason not to learn French

Alizee's ass could motivate men to war, inevitably forcing yet another French surrender.


A so-called vocalist that, to the majority of the online world, will only be known a hot chick that can do the Night Elfdance really well.

Pierre: Alizee is such a fantastic vocalist.

Bob: Oh... my.. god... she can do the Night Elf dance.

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