What is Alki?


Short for alcoholic.

That bitch is a straight up alki.


upper-middle class wasteland located in West Seattle that is saturated with stuffy republican chumps, sneering/hideous-faced dykes, and the muff-munchers' prime mode of transport: Subaru Outbacks; quite often young black children will be seen in the midst of two gnarly caucasian lezes -- this is quite the normal trend in this neighborhood as colored adoptees are extremely Peace-Corp-fashionable amongst hippie peers

"Wine??!! Nigga, what you think this is -- Alki??!!!! Only OE here mutha fucka!! Shit!!"

"That ho was fuckin fugly!! Bitch was Alkied-the-fuck out!!!"

"Let's go see Barbara and Jim today. I hear their organic garden is springing something delightful. They're so Alki!!"

See i, need, a, fuckin, joint


Alcohol Lovers Kickin It!

"Where going to go to Ricks house this weekend and do the alki!"

"I did the alki last night"

"I want to do the alki"


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