What is All?


another way of saying "said" or "says"

can be interchanged with likeand "goes/go"

mostly used by teenage girls

So she goes, "He's so fine" and I'm all "Hell yeah!" and she's like "Damn" and I'm all "I know!"

See Jubilee


1.Everything summed up into one word;

2.The equivelant of reaching spiritual enlightment

1. All

2. To become allular, you must drink of the bonus up, and eat of the krapper. To reach all, you must follow the all-o-gistics.

See descendents, bonus cup, all-o-gistics, milo


1. everything: a totality of

2. dialog tag, somewhat valley girl, used with the verb "to be": said

1. All your base are belong to me.

2. "So I'm all, 'Shut up!' and he's all, 'No, you shut up!' and then I'm all, 'Okay.'"

See all that, dialog, said


A word to describe something that is "all gone"

"Mom, the milk is all. Pick some up at the super market"

See empty, finished, dried up


laundry deturgent

i wash my cloths wit ALL


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