All About

What is All About?


To like something, as in a lot.

James is all about Lucy.


- Extreme like, infatuation or love of something or someone.

Jen is all about Ben.


used to show that someone has a great knowledge of or great interest in the subject in question, often preceded by the word basically.

child labor, basically that’s what i’m all about.

See da?


an indication that one is enthusiastically for a certain thing

"You want to go to the beach?"

"Hell yeah! I am ALL ABOUT htting the surf!"

See Joel


To like or have knowledge about a topic or thing.

"You like pizza?"

" Yeah, I'm all about pizza."


"I'm all about computers!"


made up of something

constrast with "not all about" - devoid of something

that class is all about boring lectures and stupid-ass homework

I am not all about this chicken flavor


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