All In

What is All In?


To enter all of your poker chips on one hand.

When he saw he had a royal flush, Muhammed Ali went all in.


When not used in a poker game context, "all in" means that one thing is completely inside something else. No more of said object will be able to enter after this point. Often used in sexual situations.

Linda Tripp: "Go deeper baby, I can't even feel it."

Gary Coleman: "I can't, bitch...I'm all in."

See Nick D


To be totally committed to something.

Possibly originating with gambling games such as Texas Hold 'em style poker, where the maximum 'raise' is to bet your full stack of chips.

If we're gonna do it, let's do it. I'm all in.


To play all of your chips in a game of poker.

Player1: I'm all in.

Player2: I fold.

Me: I call ya.

Player1: Full House ;)

Me: Four of a kind.

Player1: ... Which one's better?

Player2: I'm pretty sure Mike's hand beats...

Player1: Who the fuck's talking to you, old man?

Me: Well, it's been a pleasure, Player1.

Player1: No, wait, I still have 5 bucks left... c'mon, let's play... c'mon, man! Don't go... don't... Yo... Player2, wanna play some more?.

Player2: Screw ya.

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A quite Hilarious Term used commonly in poker, and sometimes used in real life situations for a good laugh. to be all in, is to show all your chips to the players at the table, to take A GIANT risk. With all your chips in, you could very well get your ass handed to you.

Hugh: Im all in, pocket twos.

Raymond: I'll raise your all in, with a 5, 8.


Gunthair: Im all in

Steven: What....? Hurry up and finish your dinner son

Gunthair: I'll show my bluff

Steven: Son, are you okay? Are you on drugs

Gunthair: Yeah I got a garbage hand, i'll fold.

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Abet placed in poker when a player is letting the other players know that he will put his whole bank in to continue the game even though he may not be able to match with the other players have.

"I'm all in man, lets go, my royal will kill you.Ha Ha!"

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From holdempoker

Betting all your money on one hand, usually moronically.

You go all-in with a queen high and some cowboy hat wearing jew busts you with a pair of threes.

'Garry, should I go all in with a pair of sixes?'

'Yeah, go for it'


'FUCK. I hate you. This is all your fault.'

'Did I see you with Miss Johnstone earlier?'

'Yeah, I went all in'


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