All In My Nasal

What is All In My Nasal?


Describes a method of narcotic ingestment. The method in particular is by insufflating (snorting, sniffing) any substance to produce a desired high. Insufflating any substance produces a high almost immediatly because the said substance is absorbed in the membrane at the back of the nose and mouth and is allowed to enter the blood stream on contact without the need for digestion. Cocaine, Heroin, Ketamine, Ecstasy, Any prescription drugs, such as oxycontin, Methamphetamine, etc... are all examples of substances that can be insufflated.

The phrase is used in a past tense form, so as to imply one has already insufflated a substance and they are waiting to get high.

-I just popped my exo, wheres yours?

-Awww shiet, it's all in my nasal, im rollin already, your ass has to wait 30 minutes.

-Well, i've got some cain all in my nasal, so im good for right now.

See insufflate, snort, snorted, sniff, cocaine, ecstasy, roll


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