All Nighter

What is All Nighter?


Staying awake, usually with the aid of caffeine and cold showers, for over 24 hours. Usually a feat performed by overworked students, but also by physicians and programmers, and other individuals who refuse to sleep until having solved some mystery.

An all-nighter is NOT simply staying up until the sun rises, then sleeping.

Jennifer felt like a zombie after having pulled two all nighters in a row during midterms week. "Really, it's not that bad after the 40th hour or so," she said, "...once you get past the hallucinations and the funny twitching thing your legs do."

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Remaining awake and actively engaged in some activity during nocturnal hours. The type of activity will differ and the typical person is usuall between 17-40 years old

"Did you study for the biochem final?"

"Totally---I was able to buy the book for the class yesterday and I pulled an "all nighter."


pulling an all nighter is commonly believed to be when you sat up until the sun rises doing homework then sleep in the morning. it is not. pulling an all nighter is when you stay awake for any reason whatsoever all night (give or take one hour) and continue into the next day.

Once I pulled an all nighter that lasted over 48 hours. I pulled one last night because I had a friend over. She passed out at 7 am.


• studying

• your schedule is so busy you get home from classes at 9 (my case at age 12) and have to do hw

• you're an insomniac

• partyyyy!!

• other


♥ turn on the AC or open a window

♥ play loudish music with a fast beat (Lady GaGa and the Ting Tings are goood options)

♥ Don't wear your pjs

♥ don't eat sugar. sugar crashes suck.

♥ drink caffiene

♥ splash face with water

♥ keep all lights on

♥ try and keep a vibe going with would you rathers, truth or dares, movies, dancing (in the case of a party or a sleepover)

In seventh grade I was trying so hard not to fail my spanish tests that I pulled a 48+ hour all nighter. I still failed.

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When you stay up all night masturbating.

I pull an all nighter once a week.

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Staying up all night usually done on a friday or saturday night.

when you gather your friends one night and decide to stay up driving around screaming shit out the windows usually driving towards the beach or were ever there is people...ex."Hey BOYS!" or to a couple walking to a club "Hey your sisters hot" the end of the night you end up eating at a restaurant thats open 24 hours.After everything is done you end up going home around 8am.


the act of staying up until sunrise, usually enhanced by caffeine, computer or having woken up late

lets pull an all nighter for da bant

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This word is self-explanatory.

Urban Dictionary is such an awsome 'site! When I found it, I pulled an all nighter!


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