All Over It

What is All Over It?


Idiomatic expression, implying that something is under control or taken care of. Superlative of the phrase "I'm on it."

Sam: "I need this done by noon!"

Dave: "I'm all over it!"


to dispatch with alacricity; to take care of with gusto

I'm all over it (finsihing that project)

As soon as they found the leftover cake, they were all over it


Completely enthusiastic or expert about a particular topic.

Not to be confused with over it

I'm all over the Urban Dictionary.


Showering something with attention

I saw that ass and was all over it.

See X


" Have it covered " or Have the situation totally under control

"Man that was a great game of b-ball" " yeah, you were all over it"


to purchase or participate in without question. Can be used as "all over that shit" as appropriate

Oh that sale at Payless Shoes? I was all over it.


under conrtol

I'm all over it


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