All Star Demo

What is All Star Demo?


All Star Demolition Corp.or commonly (All Star Demo) is a New York based Demolition Company loceted in Maspeth, Queens NY started in 2005.

They are a full service, union company fully licensed and insured to work in New York, New Jersey and the complete tri-state area. The president and employees have over 20 years of in-depth experience in the demolition and carting business.

All Star Demolition Corp. specializes in interior demolition, with a concentration on working in occupied spaces as well as areas requiring extensive care and protection. They handle all phases of interior demolition including removals of mechanical equipment as well as providing dismantling, salvage services, selective demo, total gut out, and complete clean up. The equipment and manpower provide reliable, efficient, and professional service that you can depend on. For every project no matter how large or small, the top priority is safety first, without quality, cost or schedule being compromised.

In addition to demolition work, All Star Demolition Corp. also provides container service and rubbish removal. They are well known for providing punctual container service that you can trust. All Star Demoltion Corp. offers containers ranging in size from minis, half yards to 30 yard boxes during the demolition phase and throughout the completion of your project. The service is radio dispatched and offer 24 hour emergency service to better satisfy your needs.

Yo did you see All Star Demo working at that building in Manhattan.

Yea I saw the 07 Mack parked there, thats a hot truck.

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