All That

What is All That?


A comedy sketch show made by Nicklodeon. The earlier episodes being better than the newer ones. Popular skits were Repair man, ask ashley, superdude, and vital information for your everyday life.

Did you see the new episode of all that? it was funny.

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Top quality, admired. Really hot shit. So good your shit even smells good.

A person who thinks they are “all that” believes they people should buy them lunch and open doors for them. They think they are so hot and sophisicated that they can attract anybody.

In the old days we'd have a saying for women who thought they were "all that" -------- Miss Fine Thang. The whole block would be in on it -- little kids would follow her down the street ridiculing her "Oh my, you walk SO FINE".

And people would be calling her that all her life.

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A show that,in the 90's,was really cool and funny.Now,it's stupid,repetitive,unfunny,and usually has a sucky musical performance.

Good: REPAIR MAN,MAN,MAN,*I dun remember how many times he said man*


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Meaning that one is on the top of their game. Also means that a person thinks they are the coolest, most badass person in the world. Most often it is only an opinion of the person. Often times the person who thinks they are "all that" is the only person who thinks they are.

"Look at that fool. That fucker thinks he is all that."


Superior. Admired. A cut above. Possessed of the qualities envied by one's peers. Most often encountered when one guest on Jerry Springer feels another to have too high an opinion of themselves.

"She thinks she's all that, but she ain't."


Popular Nickelodeon show from the 90s, having such stars as Kenan Thomson(who is now on Saturday Night Live), Amanda Bynes, Kel Michel, and Lori Beth Dinburg. They're still making new episodes, but they're not as good as the orignal, but they are good.


Repairman: Im REPAIR MAN MAN MAN MAN!!!!!!


Johny Quench: HERE COMES ME!!!!!

It's still funny, so shut up


in possession of all good qualities

Im all that and a bag of chips

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