All Up Ons

What is All Up Ons?


girls will really like and adore you

they'll be all up ons!

See pinneapple


The state of flirting with a man, especially one who has used the ab-abber. See Homestar Runner.

"The ladies will be all up ons."


the level of sexual intent shown to a member of the opposite sex, see homestarrunner

"Rich got a jeep and the bitches were all up ons"

See elvis


"All up ons" is a colloquial usage describing popularity. "It means they really like you". It can also mean something is on, around or close to someone.

"Well played, Strong Bad. Those ladies are sure to be all up ons."

See popular, around, homestar, h*r


when one person is sexually attracted to another person.

I was wearing my Autobot T-shirt and the ladies were all up ons!

I wish I was Sugar shum! That would make her all up ons!


when a person is sexually attracted to another and manifests it in a physical way that is not always welcome.

"When you go out tonight, I hope that no nasty guys are all up ons."


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