Allah Ackbar

What is Allah Ackbar?


The two words you *don't* want to start hearing while you're riding on a bus, train or airplane.

Mohammed started to chant "Allah Ackbar!" as he pulled on the detonation cord on his suicide belt

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What muslim suicide bombers yell, just before killing innocent bystanders on a crowded street.

It means "god is great"

Abdul cried out "Allah Ackbar!", as he detonated the c-4 strapped to his chest.


Admiral Ackbar's cousin...for some reason his name is printed on the Iraqi flag.

Have you seen Allah Ackbar around? That cracker owes me money


Correct Prounciation being Allah- hu-aackbur

said as part of muslim prayer before each bow down.

"Allah ackbar (allah hu-aackbur), subna rab bay ya a lah.." part of the second bow down, said three times before rising again.

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Allahu akbar

simply means God is the greatest.

Muslims use this term all time time, for prayers, for praise purposes, innocent purposes not terrorist purposes.

Hassan is about to praying and says "Allah ackbar"


A particularly devastating bowel movement that results in an explosion or splatter effect of fecal matter across all surfaces within a bathroom stall; the toilet lid and tank, walls of the bathroom stall, and the floor.

Someone had an Allah Ackbar in the men's room. The wall is covered in shit!

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An Arabic term meaning allah is greatest the Arabic word for God is IL Al , Islam does not recognize non muslims are innocent.

Allah Ackbar! you are a Al zalimun( 2:193 wrongdoer ,polythiest)I will strike you on the neck "Shirk is worse then killing"(2:190) .

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