Allah Akbar

What is Allah Akbar?


1. Transliteration of the common Arabic phrase, "الله أكبر" meaning "God is Great";

2. An expression of faith and love of God similar in meaning and character to the Christian expression, "Praise the Lord"

Host: Did you enjoy your meal?

Guest: Yes, it was delicious. Allah Akbar

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Arabic for "I love to take it in the ass". Generally shouted by suicide bombers before they pull the switch.

Suicide Bomber - "Allah Akbar!" (Explosion)

Bystander - "Wow, didn't know he was a fag."

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To run into a large crowd of people in Halo after sticking a plasma grenade to yourself, causing yourself to explode, but taking the people nearby with you.

(Sticks plasma to foot)

Player 1: "ALLAH AKBAR!!!"

(Runs into players 2 & 3, causing them to explode)

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