What is Allay?


To quench, stop, slake, quell.

Please allay your activities.


blond haired, blue eyed, bomshell of babe. Sometimes confused with a rare species of homeless man. Often found waring unusually large hats and glasses... EVEN in the the daytime.

"dude did u see that creepy homeless man in the park today? He was mumbling 'anus' over and over again."

"OH! no, no, no, that wasn't a a homeless man you cheeky monkey!"

"Then what was it???"

"It was an Allay you dip shit!"

"Oh! haha, totally makes sence now."

"look at my sexy facial hair! Oh man hot damn it's everywhere!"

"what the hell does that have to do with anything...bitch."

See sexy, allay, allie, bom, hot, sex, damn, beard, homeless


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