What is Allcaps?


Used to describe a "real-life" emotional state equivalent to writing online in ALL CAPS. Intense, belligerent, combative in nature.

Jon had a bad day at work and like 5 redbulls; watch out for him he's ALLCAPS right now.

See all, caps, irl, intense, pugnacious, belligerent


Verb. A way of showing anger and emotion through the internet, often seen in blog entries or IMs. Considered a breach of netiquette, one should only go ALLCAPS during periods of internet distress.

Tom is pissed at me. He went ALLCAPS last night on AIM.

Holly Madison of Girls Next Door fame went ALLCAPS on her blog last night, defending her relationship with co-girlfriend Kendra.

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yea lol i love it too

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