What is Allegory?


An Allegory is used to tell a story that has characters, a setting, as well as other types of symbols, that have both literal and figurative meanings. The difference between an allegory and a symbol is that an allegory is a complete narrative that conveys abstract ideas to get a point across, while a symbol is a representation of an idea or concept that can have a different meaning throughout a literary work.

"A Parable is like an allegory because the message has a hidden meaning"


"The monkey on a globe of the world"

The monkey may represent how humans copy each other and not standing up for themselves. The globe may represent how we (the monkeies) abuse it and not notice because we are to busy having fun.

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1. A story used to make a statement or convey a specific meaning. Its setting, characters, and symbols can be interpreted as either figurative or literal.

2. The opposite of a georggebushy.

The Lord of the Rings is believed by many to be an allegory.

The idea of an environmentalist owning a private jet seems like a bit of an allegory to me.

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The art of acting like Al Gore

Mike "Im going to save the environment"

Paul "God you have perfected the art of allegory"

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A way of expressing a meaning in a more complex way then a metaphor, and more imaginitive then analogies. They are commonly visial or otherwise tangable, often taking the form of representitive art



"The dog says he wants to know the meaning of life,"

"Give him a biscut and tell him it's an allegory,"

"What, LIFE?"

"No, the biscut!"

See metaphor, analogy


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