Allen Hall

What is Allen Hall?


Located at the end of Gregory drive, it is the best dorm on Earth. People are typically pretty chill and open minded. Late into the night people talk about everything. It's really just a fun place to be. Although it's extreme coolness, it is easy to become "so allen hall." This entails not actually forming your own opinions about the world, just copying others or joining the band wagon for the hell of it. One may also become "so allen hall" by going to parties in large groups and not knowing a single person who lives there along with about half the people there. The biggest examples of this would be Kathy and on occasion john clark, although jc is still cool.

"Hey, Jo-Bob, how was your party last weekend?"

"It was ok, we were having a really swell time until all these damn allen hallers showed up"

"oh really, they crashed the party eh?"

"yeah, they couldn't be stopped there were like 50 of them, but they paid for beer and all things considered, they really got the party started, so it wasn't too bad"

"so what's the complaint?"

"well some of them were just dumb, because they were totally superficial and just saying shit to think that they're cool without actually believing in it."


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