Allison Gazella

What is Allison Gazella?


A girl with light brown hair and hazel eyes . Petite and doesnt trust hoes .

Likes to piss off chens and is very caring toward other people . Has a sister named lauren and a brother named daniel . Very close with neighbors and loves to text . Allison gazella sits on the floor and listens to loulou snore lightly as she watches someone type this . Loulou is a neighbor . She likes to snore . Allison doesnt snore , that anyones aware of . Lexy yells at loulou . Lexy talks in her sleep . Allison and Cayli have nowhere to sleep tonight because of the fact that daniels taking up the whole pull out bedd and lexy is taking up the actual bed . what should allison do ? well, allison should just stay up all night . Thats what one would normally suggest . Allison is honest and has many tales from her travels . XD Allison is cool . Allison has her permit, therfore she can drive . Allison is a fan of michigan .

Cayli: Dang, allison Gazella, you sure have alot of juicy secrets to tell me !

Allison Gazella: I know , I have seen alot on my travels through life .

Cayli: I can tell .

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