What is Alliston?


A tiny hick-town in Ontario Canada, relatively close to Barrie. Known only for being the birthplace of Sir Fredrick Banting, having a Honda plant, and growing Potatoes... quite sad really.

Alliston is full of wanna-be gangstas/skaters/emos, etc. and preppy/slutty kids. There is nothing to do in Alliston if you are between the ages of 5 and 35.

The high-light of the year is the annual Potato Festival; affectionately nick-named "Pot-fest" by the local teenagers... that's basically what it's turned into.

Avoid being in Alliston for more than 24 hours... you can practically feel yourself getting more hick by the second.

Random Guy 1 - So where are you from?

Random Guy 2 - Alliston

Random Guy 1 - *bursts out laughing*

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A town in Ontario, Canada, about 30 minutes south-west of Barrie and an hour north of Toronto. Is full of Hondroids and 15 year old middle-class white kids that dress like they're black gangbangers from the ghetto, but would probably piss their pants and cry if a fake-ass white gangbanger from Torontoeven looked at them.

It is famous for being the birthplace of Sir Fredrick Banting, the inventor of insulin, who coincidently was also the last person born in Alliston with an IQ over 80.

It is also famous for the Potato-Fest, a yearly festival to celebrate the approaching harvest of local growers marijuana crops. Also featured at the Festival is the consumption of large amounts of alcohol, which may or may not be vodka, which may or may not be made from potatoes. As far as anyone can tell this is what the festival was originally named for.

guy: want to go to Alliston with me?

girl: Why?

guy: You're right...

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