All-star Fuckup

What is All-star Fuckup?


An indivual who consistently belittles the value of time and money on an hourly basis.

One who can turn a pot of gold into a pile of shit by simply thinking of what to do with it.

An historical event that is cherished by an eye witness due to the extreme fuckin stupidity of another living, breathing human being.

An action or reaction that occurs from the lack of a rational thinking process that either highlights or concludes the saga of one's already insignificant life.

One who can never get it right; an underachiever; a waste of space.

A fuckup of all fuckups.

One that excels at fucking up; if fuckin up was a sport this individual would take the cake.

If ever there was a school for teaching people how to fuck up, this person would be the Master Instructor, the Kingpin, the Head Honcho, the Top Dog, the fuckin Guru.

If I wasn't surrounded by this team of All-Star Fuckups maybe I could get some work done around here.

Look at this All-Star Fuckup, 32 years old...n't even tie his fuckin shoe.

Thank God for All-Star Fuckups, I paid for my lunch today with a 20 and the dumb ass gave me back 40.

Today I witnessed an All Star Fuckup. This guy was riding his bike and staring at this hotties ass when the fuker hit a pothole and flipped over his bike. He then proceeded to dust himself off, rack his bike, and then follow the hottie into the Biology building.

See loser, fag, dumbass, dumass, fuckin idiot, genius, stud, cool, kool, kewl, hot shot


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