Aloha Convertible

What is Aloha Convertible?


An nickname bestowed on Boeing 737-200 N73711 (Boeing c/n 20209) of Aloha Airlines. On April 28 1988, this aircraft (flying as Aloha flight 243) was flying from Hilo, Hawaii to Honolulu at 24,000 feet. An 18 foot section of the cabin roof separated and a flight attendant was lost overboard in the resulting decompression. Everyone else stayed in their seats, and the crew was able to make an emergency landing in Maui. The accident was later determined to be due to metal fatigue, and resulted in more demanding inspection and maintenance requirements for high cycle aircraft.

We do dye penetration inspections on our aircraft because no one wants another Aloha convertible.

See boeing, 737


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