Alternating Asses

What is Alternating Asses?


A little known technique for fitting the max amount of people into the backseat of a car. If done properly, 4 maybe even 5 people will be able to comfortably ride in a 3 person backseat.

It consists of having the first person who gets in the back seat sitting with their ass either touching the backrest(as you would normally ride) or sitting with their ass as close to the edge of the seat(and as far from the backrest) as possible. From their, everyone alternates ass to front ass to back until you can't fit anymore people.

This is proven effective.

"Dude I don't know if I can give all of you a ride"-Guy 1

"It's chill we'll just sit with alternating asses and be good to go."-Guy 2

See car, mexican taxi


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