What is Alvdawn?


Modern tragedy of betrayal. A lover that generates bitternes, but can't be hated, either forgotten. Is not blamed, and in an instant forgiven. The one who teaches many things, including what is real Love. Years later still a daily memory will surface to warm a heart, to later make it sting. To all who have had their hearts broken, hate the world for it, and would gladly ask Carrion for a ride, crawl through the inferno and purgatory just to get a glimpse of a pair of sparkling eyes, a unique smile and a wiff of the scent of your lover; and do it a thousand times more no matter if it cost you your life. For you have met and lost your Alvdawn.

Romeo and Juliet with a twist. One lover is left on a desert and the other, Alvdawn, unable to handle pain, runs away to the arms of another lover.

See love, memory, lover, beauty


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