What is Alvyn?


Partially brown, but fully black. Once a member of the 4th battalion (EAST SIDE) in World War I, has a tendency to crave junk food but only in large doses. Stars in a major commercial production of "Project: ALF" starring Steven Seagal, Dennis Rodman and AINSLEY. Big fan of the cock.

1) check that alvyn out over there, he's got an afro, but he ain't black, how'd that happen?

2) but he is black, are you blind nigga?

1) YEA

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a veteran of the first world war, fought for france...even though he was a tourist at the time, and just happened to be at the wrong place at the wrong time...or is that the right place at the wrong time...(?)

1) dude (!) he jus' got alvyned! 2) really? 1) yeah! right up the ass!

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